Our Story/FAQs/Tips



We starting pouring candles in 2014 because popular candles on the market gave us allergies/headaches.  We  pride ourselves on offering the very best candles. Every small batch is hand poured in Colorado.  We have our high end, luxury candles  at a very attractive price point, competitive with the mass produced  best selling candles that are made with cheaper ingredients. Candles are heavy, and we offer free shipping within the 49  contiguous states.  Local pickup is an additional 10% off.  


What are your candles made out of?

A coconut/apricot wax blend, scents created from essential oils and cotton, wood or hemp wicks. No zinc, lead, GMOs, parabens, additives, dyes, phthalates or animal testing. Our candles are vegan and the vessels can be wiped out and reused--making a HighCountry candle simply the best. We spend more money on our  sustainable ingredients, and you can tell!


If I live in your community, can I pick up my candles instead of getting them shipped?

Absolutely! We pour in Gypsum, Colorado. Send us an email and we can arrange a pick up.


What's the deal with shipping?

Candles are heavy and expensive to ship. We pride ourselves on free shipping and use the USPS.  Local pickup is an additional 10% off.

What are the burn times of your candles and how strong are the candles scented?

Our candles are highly scented with luxury fragrances. They are poured in sizes that would nicely scent small-medium sized rooms. Burn times vary, depending on customer candle care and location, and we use very slow burning wax. You should get a longer life and deeper scent throw from our wax blend if you are comparing to a 100% soy wax candle.


Can I get a seasonal scent out of season? Can I test scents?

If we haven't sold out yes! If you are willing to wait a little for us to pour, yes! We have 2 options to test scents. If you go to "Shop All" you will see scent strips and over-sized tealights. These are both great ways to check out scents!

Do you ever have sales?

You will rarely see sales on our candles, because we have them very competitively priced to begin with, along with free shipping. Our customers are consistently scoring a great deal on a high quality product.


Important: When first lighting your candle, be sure to allow it to burn one hour for every 1 inch in diameter of the actual candle size. This will allow a nice even burn on the top and prevent tunnel burning. Trim your wick, with wick cutters, toenail clippers so simply pinch off when cooled  to 3/16" between each burn. Due to the natural nature of our products, be sure to store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or intense lighting.


1. TRIM THE WICK. Keep your wick trimmed to 3/16" at all times.

2. LET THE WAX POOL. Each time you burn your candle, allow the entire top layer to become a warm pool of liquid wax and you'll get the biggest, boldest scent possible with the longest burn times.

3. BURN IT SAFELY. Always burn your candle on a safe flat surface, keep it out of drafts and NEVER leave it unattended while lit.

4. SNUFF YOUR WICK. Extinguish your wick rather than blowing it out to prevent an overabundance of smoke.